The Gallery

Bundók Saints

Comprised of Filipinx-Amerikan artists, Bundók Saints is a celebration of the vast talent of the Pinxy Diaspora. Though our stories are not monolithic, our joy & pain is often collective. ‘Bundók’ is the only Tagalog word adopted by Amerikan English (‘boondock’). Though it literally means ‘mountains’, it’s often used to derrogatorily to describe someone who lives in a remote rural area, someone backwards or unsophisticated.

The word was first introduced to Amerikans during the Philippine-Amerikan War, as the terrain of the mountains confused Amerikan soldiers.


Michael Evangelista

Derrick Quevedo

Jeanne Jalandoni

Seanne Catedral

Jewelyn Butron

Tahnee Pantig

Yoni Carnice

Faustina KT Pe Benito

Karl Orozco

Alyza-Jean Condol

Paloma Martinez-Miranda

Adrien Dacquel

James Bascara

Brian Tan

Curated by Andie Millares